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We hear the story of chef turned farmer James Simpliciano. He is the founder of Simpli-Fresh Produce Farms in Lahaina, President of the Hawaii Farmers Union United Mauna Kahalawai chapter, & Vice President of Hawaii Tropical Fruit Growers Association.

In this second episode of the Re-envision Maui series, we learn about James' profound respect for Hawaiian culture, as evidenced by his focusing on growing canoe crops, the plant species brought to these islands long ago by the ancient Polynesians which for centuries formed the foundation for Hawaiian organic food self-sufficiency. His daily actions embody the Hawaiian value of Malama ‘Āina: care & respect for the land as though it was a family member. He tells us a fascinating story about the lo’i of ancient Hawai’i; the wet kalo - or taro - crops that were once the staple of the Hawaiian diet & are today experiencing a revival.

And join us as he introduces us to regenerative agriculture techniques such as Korean Natural Farming, hügelkultur, & permaculture - techniques he employs every day on the farm. This episode is one of a series called Re-envision Maui, about an ongoing transition on the island of Maui. If you would like more background on this series, we suggest you checkout the episode entitled Re-envision Maui - Before and After Sugar.

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