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Here are some stories that come straight from the garden – the school garden. We collected these stories when The Story Connective was invited to do a Story Bridge workshop with Grow Some Good, a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating hands-on, outdoor learning experiences in schools. Our participants - garden coordinators, administrators, & board members - were prompted to talk about a time they experienced in the garden that a child will never forget. We can't wait to share with you the heartfelt stories that emerged.

Special thanks to Grow Some Good & the Maui Arts & Cultural Center for helping make this Story Bridge possible. And thank you to our tellers: Bradley, Jadda, Kathy, Maurice, Judy, & Cynthia. Special thanks as well to Richard Geer, the founder of The Story Bridge Method & Qinghong Wei, Story Bridge's executive director, & the Story Bridge Team for all your community & support. Find out more at StoryBridge.Space

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