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In this episode, we asked folks to talk about a significant moment in their lives around food, eating, & meals. We brought the Story Bridge Method to a local acting class for senior citizens in our community. Story Bridge is a community storytelling & performance method that has been used for decades all over the world to strengthen dozens of communities. The method guides a group of people to tell stories from their own lives & to deeply listen to other participants' stories. All the participants connected & laughed as they shared stories around this prompt: "Talk about a meaningful moment in your life that occurred in a kitchen, dining room, or cafeteria." The stories were first told in pairs, then in groups or 4, & ultimately, the participants selected some of these stories to be shared with the world via this podcast! The following four stories are true. Each of these stories cast a light – illuminating our shared human experience for everyone to see.

Special thanks to Maui Academy of Performing Arts & Mālamalama Maui for hosting this Talk Story Exchange gathering. Special thanks as well to Richard Geer, the founder of The Story Bridge Method & Qinghong Wei, Story Bridge's executive director, & the Story Bridge Team for all your community & support. Find out more at StoryBridge.Space

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