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A lot of land is legally zoned to be producing more food than it currently is. If these properties had the support to be in food production, they could literally add tons of food to the food system. Common Ground Collective is a non-profit that has been designed to make it easy for people grow more food on their own property. They will employ mobile farmers with the skills & passion to transform unproductive land into blossoming small farms, & they will also provide the administrative & marketing support to get the crops to buyers, & the profits to the landowners. Our guests today think in possibilities. Terese, Jen, & Nick have formed Common Ground Collective, a new non-profit run by an intelligent, determined young group of masterminds who are advocating solutionary ways of addressing the gaps in their local food system. Their mission is also to educate folks about regenerative land care practices, healthier lifestyles, & growing food. By helping small landowners produce more food on their land, Common Ground Collective is designed to yield multiple benefits for their community. We hope you enjoy this edition of our series of episodes called Re-envision Maui, about an ongoing transition on the island of Maui.

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