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Katrina Blair is the author of The Wild Wisdom of Weeds, a forager’s guide to ultimate food security. Few people have sparked my imagination more about what it means to be resilient than Katrina Blair. In her book she identifies 13 global survival plants – commonly considered weeds in American Culture – that are nutritious, medicinal, improve soil health, & naturally grow in abundance with absolutely no human effort. These plants grow everywhere humans live– from the Arctic Circle to the dry hot desert, & are free & accessible to everyone. The book also has over 100 recipes for how to use these plants for food, medicine, & self care. At Turtle Lake Refuge Café in Durango, Colorado, Katrina & her friends serve up culinary dishes of wild-harvested, fresh, living foods. The proceeds from the café benefit Turtle Lake Refuge’s mission of celebrating the connection between personal health & wild lands.

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