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Joy Jinks used storytelling, community theater, & enthusiasm to help revive her rural town's economy.

Joy was concerned about all the young people leaving her beloved Georgia town & moving to the big cities for work. So she & her allies mustered up their strength & charming networking skills to keep their beloved town from becoming extinct. Things were looking bleak when industry after industry rejected their town... until she met the innovative theater director Richard Geer. The community of Colquitt, Georgia used a technique called Story Bridge Theater to collect & perform the stories of their town. 25 years later, stories are still being performed & celebrated, the town has a strong identity and a thriving Arts-Based Economy.

Joy Jinks has been deeply inspired by a method of community leadership called Social Artistry. Those who study Social Artistry, learn how to view & experience the world in ways that evoke the best possibilities for cooperation, joy, & empowerment in any situation. It’s intended to give people insights, tools, & creative leadership skills for our rapidly changing world

Joy is such a delightfully inspiring game changer. We hope you enjoy the interview.


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