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Now that Maui isn't growing sugarcane, could we grow food, soil, & jobs while making Maui’s central valley healthier & more productive than ever? Permaculture designer Jenny Pell has created a plan for the 36,000 acres of Maui’s central valley that could be bountiful agriculturally & economically. It could also meet Hawai'i’s food needs & make Maui more resilient.

Jenny Pell is an author of the Mālama ‘Āina Report which offers a comprehensive look at how to transition from large-scale monoculture sugarcane crops to diversified organic farming that prioritizes local food, creates profitable farm businesses & jobs for locals, & stewards the land for future generations. Jenny Pell has dedicated her career to helping her diverse clients be part of a resilient & abundant future.

In part 1 of our interview with Jenny, we take an in depth look at agriculture on Maui: from its ancient Polynesian roots, to the agricultural changes brought to Hawai'i by peoples from outside Polynesia, to mechanized monoculture, & finally to an inspiring vision for a possible regenerative farming future which combines the best practice techniques of the past & the future to build healthy soil & healthy ecosystems. We are really inspired by Jenny's work, & hope you will be too.

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The Mālama ‘Āina Report is available for free online for anyone to read.

This episode is one of a series called Re-envision Maui, about an ongoing transition on the island of Maui. If you would like more background on this series, we suggest you checkout the episode entitled Re-envision Maui - Before and After Sugar.

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