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We take an in depth look at Maui’s past, from its mythic origins & indigenous ways of life, through colonization, & finally to its modern incarnation.

The island of Maui is at a crossroads. Industrial sugarcane production on Maui has come to an end after 150 years & the future of tens of thousands of acres of land & billions of gallons of the island’s fresh water is now in limbo. What will be grown & built during this transition will impact Maui’s future over the coming centuries. If we can better understand what Maui looked like before sugar became such a big force on the island, we may discover insights about what Maui could look like now that sugar is no longer. The possibilities are inspiring. The people of the Maui community are paying attention to what is being planned, what is being said, what is going unsaid, & what is being done on behalf of the future of this precious island. The Story Connective is producing a series of episodes that will take you on a journey introducing you to voices that envision a resilient & thriving Maui. This episode, Before and After Sugar, is the first of the Re-envision Maui series.


Story by Loxley Clovis & Rebecca Rhapsody

Audio recording & production by Loxley Clovis

Intro song is ‘Which That Is This’ by Doctor Turtle released under Creative Commons Attribution License

Ukulele of ‘Aloha ‘Oe’ performed by pomitsai released under Creative Commons Attribution License

Outro ukulele performed by Rebecca Rhapsody released under Creative Commons Attribution License

Ocean Waves and Wind’ by Binaural Soundscapes released under Creative Commons Attribution License

And birdsongs by Hawai’i Conservation Alliance released under Creative Commons Attribution License

Chant performed by Dr. Sam M. ‘Ohukani'ōhi'a Gon III, used with permission

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