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Doug Banner is a long time Social Artist, with many stories to tell of his well lived, mythic life. He is an educator, researcher, woodworker, & more.  He is the executive director of The Flow Project, which defines & studies the applications of the flow state of artists in their creative process. He also regularly trains teachers to be Social Artists in Aruba, co-teaching with fellow Social Artist Jan Sanders.

In this Episode you’ll hear a story told by Doug Banner, a veteran Social Artist, about how he helped transform a school & it’s community.

Social Artistry is a methodology for activating human potential sourced from global anthropology & humanistic psychology via the lifework of Dr. Jean Houston. One who studies Social Artistry learns to view & experience the world in ways that evoke the best possibilities for cooperation, joy, & empowerment in any situation.  It’s intended to give people insights, tools, & creative leadership skills for our rapidly changing world.

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